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As a talented golfer, you may already be thinking about how the sport of golf will fit into your adult life. Understanding the importance of these choices – the Lee Westwood Golf School two-year BTEC full-time programme allows you to keep many pathways open.

The full time 2-year course combines a golf and educational programme that is unique and provides an opportunity to experience why Lee Westwood is one of the world’s leading golfers. The programme offers a qualification that produces a clear pathway to higher education, and keeps your options open while you work towards reaching your golf potential. Virtual Learning UK deliver the education, in association with state funded institution, Colchester Institute.

Whether you wish to become a Touring Professional, PGA Coach, go on to higher education, and/or follow a career in golf/sport – the Lee Westwood Golf School two-year BTEC programme can fulfill your needs. The educational content delivered onsite has been designed to suit you as a golfer and allow a good balance between traditional classroom education and achieving golfing excellence.

For the golf component of the programme, which will take up approximately half of your schooling week, you will have access to excellent practice facilities, golf courses, fitness suite, and technology such as Trackman and Gasp video analysis. A fantastic environment to maximize improvement in your game. Golf training is structured to provide you with the foundations of long term improvement, and your training will include coaching and assessment on the following:

  • Technical (long and short game)
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Course Play
  • Lifestyle
  • Physiology
  • Round Statistics
  • Competitive Schedule
  • Skill Testing (long and short game)

There may also be an opportunity to complete the following qualifications:

  • PING Fitting Accreditation
  • Tri Golf Activator

International students welcome.


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