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Golf Performance Programme


As a keen golfer who has completed their college education, we understand that you have yet to reach your full golfing potential. The key to developing your game is to learn and develop your existing skills, training, and techniques.

The golf performance year is a golf only programme, which is perfect for those wishing to improve their golf without the commitment of education. Whether you are looking to make it on tour, join the PGA coaching ranks, or simply just to improve your golf, a golf performance year could be for you!

Students enrolled in the Golf Performance Year programme will train with the full-time programme students, allowing a fun but competitive environment. You will be provided with a structured programme delivered by our team of golf professionals, which will include:

  • Technical Assessment on long and short game
  • PGA professionals delivering a proven highly successful programme
  • TPI Golf Fitness programme
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Mentoring
  • Included in LWGS competitive rounds (handicap qualifiers)
  • Statistical Measurement and Analysis of round performance
  • LWGS Performance Diary
  • Winter Training in Spain
  • Accommodation available
  • Official sponsors include PING, UPS and Dunlop

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